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About Us?

The company was established as Taksim Investment Partnership in 2006 and after acquisition of its preferred shares by Mehmed Nureddin Çevik, the founder and the principal partner of the companies such as Altınyağ Combine Inc., Endeks Invest and Endeks Real Estate Inc., in the last quarter of 2012, it is restructured as Artı Investment Holding. Setting more ambitious goals to diversify its investments in different sectors, primarily energy, real estate and finance, and to become the investor of profitable investments, Artı Investment Holding adopts the vision of a stable growth by investing in projects with a high growth development potential.


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Affiliates and Investments

Producing vegetable oil as one of the oldest and long-established industrial enterprises of Turkey since 1962, Altınyağ joined Artı Investment Holding on its 50th year. Apart from Altınyağ, Endeks Real Estate and Mining, Energy Industry and Trade, Inc., aiming to operate in energy, mining, textile and food sectors, and particularly real estate and finance, has also taken its place among the affiliates of Artı Investment Holding. It established AYH Real Estate Investments, Inc.