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Altınyağ Combine, Inc. was named as the 2nd Runner-up at the Oil Industry Investment Awards by Aegean Region Chamber of Industry.

Established in 1962 to produce vegetable oil, Altınyağ Combine, Inc., one of the oldest and long-established companies of Turkey, was awarded with the 2nd runner-up award by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry for the investments it made in the amount of 11 Million TL under the scope of Investment Incentive Certificate numbered 113257, dated 31.12.2013.        



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Businessman of the Year Award to Çevik.

The ‘Bests’ of the year awards were presented at a night organized by the Contemporary Democrats Association in Ankara in October 26, 2013. Many names were awarded from presidents to mayors to media members and rectors. And the Businessman of the Year Award was presented to Artı Investment Holding’s Chairman Mehmed Nureddin Çevik.




EIA Report approved for new facilities of Altınyağ.

The compliance of the new production facilities project of Altınyağ to double its capacity with environmental impacts has been approved. Approved by the General Directorate of Environmental Impact Assessment Permit and Supervision under the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the project also received positive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report. It was reviewed by the Ministry’s Inspection and Evaluation Committee and granted “Positive Environmental Impact Assessment” decision by the Ministry pursuant to the article 14 of the EIA Regulation.





Altınyağ honored by İzmir Chamber of Trade at the 50th Anniversary of its membership.

Altınyağ, one of the oldest and long-established industrial organizations, was awarded with a Certificate of Honor by İzmir Chamber of Trade for the 50th anniversary of its membership. After a half a century in vegetable oil production, Altınyağ joined Artı Investment Holding and adopted a contemporary and innovative production infrastructure and management system. The Certificate of Honor was given to the General Manager Dr. Mehmet Dikkaya on behalf of Altınyağ.