Working at Artı Investment Holding

 ayh de calısmak

  • Being a member of the family of Artı Investment Holding means working in a synergic and efficient environment giving priority to ethical values, having principles, always aiming achievements, and attaching value to innovative ideas.
  • Support is provided for continuous development of the employees of Artı Investment Holding. Great importance is attached to maintenance of the balance of business and private lives of the employees, and to the protection of the rights of the employees. Entrepreneurship is supported within the organization.
  • Loyalty, competence and diligence of the employees of Artı Investment Holding constitute the foundation of the corporate success.
  • Team play predominates in Artı Investment Holding, rather than the superior-subordinate definitions. Accordingly, there is always an opportunity to express oneself and one’s own ideas, and to be recognized and to contribute to the development.

If you want to turn these opportunities into artı ikon values , you can send your resume to address by e-mail.